Keith Howman’s

Monograph of the

Sid’s Roar

Nepal Photographs

Pheasants of
the Old World 

Keith Howman's Memoirs, 'A Well Travelled Life' 
270 pages, richly illustrated throughout with the author’s photos, 30 x 21cms.  

£65 including P&P (UK only)

‘In more than 60 essays, Keith Howman weaves a colourful garland celebrating a well-travelled life. His experiences in more than a quarter of the world's nations cover topics as diverse as fishing, wildlife art, military history, cattle breeding and conservation. Somehow, pheasants are also squeezed into the 274 well-illustrated pages. A particular interest has been the involvement of local people in conservation, whether in Pakistan, the Hindu Kush or Nepal. This is a family saga,
of which many episodes have been shared with WPA members, but the scope of Keith's activities will surprise everyone.’
Dr Geoffrey Davison, WPA Trustee 

Monograph of the Pheasants - by Alain Hennache & Michel Ottaviani - The World Pheasant Association worked with the Authors Alain Hennache and Michel Ottaviani to translate their acclaimed 2 volume "Monagraphie des faisans" into a single English volume. This book presents up to date information on all of the currently recognised pheasant species. The species are generously illustrated with photographs provided by the authors and many photographers from around the world

Every copy sold will support WPA conservation projects.

PPC hardback cost £60+£9 P&P UK – further details:

'Pheasants of the World', new edition on pheasants, by Karol Sepielak, from WPA Poland.  The book is well illustrated throughout and packed with useful information for professionals and private breeders alike. It documents everything from the history of how the birds came to be discovered right up to the most recently discovered information on keeping and breeding them. The book describes all 50 species of pheasants.

Karol is kindly donating some of the profits to the Edwards's Pheasant project run by Viet Nature.   The price of the book is £40 plus postage and is available directly from Karol Sepielak in Poland.  Below is a photograph of the new cover:

Children's book written and fully illustrated by Susie Munro. Price: £7.99, plus £1.17 UK postage:

Text and illustrations copyright © Susie Munro 2012
 Sid’s Roar is a true to life story about a lioness and her three cubs' efforts to survive in Africa (Kenya). Inside the front cover all the illustrations are in a blue, green, grey colour which is the colour lions see the world in. It is best suited to ages four to seven years and has a happy ending! The objective of the book is to encourage children to take on board how differently to us animals and birds see the world. It encourages them to ask questions and two pages at the back of the book help them to understand concepts like the importance of up-wind and down-wind, camouflage, territory and core area of a range. A parent with a spread of children’s ages to read to at night can sit with one book and interest them all, and learn something themselves! All sales from Sid’s Roar over and above the costs of publication will go to WPA.