Latin America


South America, Central America and the Caribbean. 


82 species in the region: 24 guan, 14 curassow, 12 chachalaca, 31 new world quail and one turkey.

Habitat and Distribution

Habitats within this region vary considerably and include densely forested areas near sea level to high altitude areas in South America. One highly important habitat in this region is the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. 

A species are endemic to this region, with 45 species occurring only in South America and 26 species occurring only in Central America and the Caribbean.


The Galliformes in this region are principally threatened by habitat loss, but hunting is also perceived to have a significant impact on wild populations. As new areas are opened up for human access and existing forest blocks become smaller, hunting pressure is likely to increase.

Examples of our work in the region

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Trinidad piping-guan - Trinidad