Nepal Trek May 2019

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of WPA in Nepal.

Representing WPA, Louisa Lewis (illustrator), Suzanne Martin (WPA member), Laura Owens (WPA Council Member) and David White (wildlife photographer)  are currently in Nepal to join in the 40th anniversary celebrations.    Laura Owens is visiting to represent WPA and to review our recent research projects there.  David White, Wildlife Photographer, will be supplying us with an abundance of photographs.  A children's book by Christine Stone concerned with conservation with lovely illustrations by Louisa Lewis was launched at Keruwa this week.

The first video from David White showing the launch of the book can be viewed here

‘Keruwa Events’ 1 May showing the launch of the book:

1 May 2019                                                            David White, Laura Owens, Suzanne Martin and Louisa Lewis

Book Launch 1 May 2019 - Children from the school in Keruwa