New Publications

'Monograph of the Pheasants' by Alain Hennache & Michel Ottaviani - net proceeds to WPA conservation research projects.

'Pheasants of the World'
is a new book on pheasants, by Karol Sepielak, from WPA Poland.  The book is well illustrated throughout and packed with useful information for professionals and private breeders alike. It documents everything from the history of how the birds came to be discovered right up to the most recently discovered information on keeping and breeding them. The book describes all 50 species of pheasants.

Karol is kindly donating some of the profits to the Edwards's Pheasant project run by Viet Nature.   The price of the book is £40 plus postage and is available directly from Karol Sepielak in Poland.  The cost is £40 plus postage.  Below is a photograph of the cover: