Wanted/Surplus Stock

Last updated 23 November 2020

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WPA Members will have seen the article in WPA News regarding changes to this very popular page where members advertise their wanted or surplus birds. The list is manged by WPA HQ and an email or phone call to the office 01434 345526, ensures any birds surplus to requirements or birds you are looking for are posted on this page. For the past few years, the full list has been visible to WPA members and non members.  This has changed so that only WPA members can see contact details and place adverts (via WPA HQ). It is hoped this will encourage new members

Details of how to become a WPA member can be found here

WPA members login to access the contact details of WPA members who are looking for birds or have surplus birds

Once logged in go to:  /wantedsurplusmembers.aspx

Contact 01434 345526 if you need help 

Sonnerats, Greys, Red, Srilankan and Green Junglefowl

Great Curassows
Sonnerat's Jungle Fowl
Sonnerat Grey Jungle Fowl
Lady Amherst
Edwards's Pheasant
Palawan Peacock Pheasant
Grey Peacock Pheasant
Grey Peacock
Germain's peacock pheasants
Bronze-tailed peacock pheasants

2020 hatched Siamese Fireback Pheasants and 2020 hatched TRT ringed Temminck's Tragopans

Edwards's Pheasant 

Temminks (2 years)
Java Green peahens
Koklass cocks 

Temminck's Tragopan - TRT ringed or Tested
Always looking for Sonnerats, new breeding stock
Pure bred Hume's Pheasants

Exchange of Collared Hill Partridge for unrelated
White Eared Pheasants
Temminck's tragopan (Adult)

Madagascar partridge
Nepal Kalij (swap either sex for an unrelated bird, ours are Fenton Barns stock)
Yellow necked Francolin
Peach Golden Pheasants
Black Francolin
Yellow Golden (2019)
Temminck’s tragopan (2019)

Grey Peacock Pheasant. 2019
Koklass. 2019
White Indian Peafowl 2018 bred
5000 Series Golden
Golden Pheasant 5000 series and Lady Amherst poults available in the year. book now.