The World Pheasant Association

The World Pheasant Association - The ultimate authority on Galliformes

WPA is a registered charity (271203) founded in 1975 which aims to develop and prom
ote the conservation of all the species within the order of the Galliformes, otherwise known as the gamebirds of the world.  Apart from pheasants, this also includes partridges, grouse, quail, francolins, megapodes and cracids, some of which are the most beautiful, yet threatened, birds in the world. 

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AGM and Convention to be held in Ireland 
from 19-22 September 2014

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Please send your booking forms for the Convention directly to  You are advised to book the City North Hotel asap: www.citynorthhotel.comFull details are on the itinerary. 

Charity Shoot:
Wednesday 24 September - Black Grouse Shoot at Auchterhouse Country Sports, Burnhead Farm, Angus, DD3 0QN

To book a place contact Keith Howman: or telephone 01932 254855

Timothy Greenwood the very talented wildlife artist died on Christmas Eve 2010 in his cottage beside the banks of Loch Tummel. He was a founder member of the World Pheasant Association. In his will he expressed the wish that if possible WPA should benefit in some way and his paintings and etchings.  

International Journal of Galliformes Conservation:   Volume 1

The guidelines published 
by WPA and IUCN 

Contact: Middle, Ninebanks, Hexham, NE47 8DL, Northumberland, UK, Tel: 01434345526, email: