About us

The World Pheasant Association (WPA) was founded in 1975 by a group of aviculturists and sporting enthusiasts who wanted to do more for the birds than just keep them. From the start, WPA was supported by Dr Jean Delacour who agreed to become our first president on the condition that we embrace all Galliformes.

Our Aims:
  • promote the conservation of those species of Galliformes that are rare or in danger of extinction
  • to advance the education of the public and the knowledge of such species
  • to conduct research and study captive and wild species, and to publish the results of all such research
What we do:
  • Provide global leadership in the conservation of Galliformes and their habitats, defining priorities that will maximise benefits to overall biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.
  • Help members and zoos ensure that collections of Galliformes are maintained to the highest conservation and welfare standards.
  • Train ecologists in the countries where Galliformes occur, developing the skills necessary for effective conservation so that issues can be tackled locally.
  • Support urgently needed direct conservation action based on sound science.
  • Co-ordinate an extensive network of over 350 specialist researchers in 60 countries.

WPA work around the world to conserve and protect Galliformes and their habitats. Much of this work involves studying populations of species and their environments, and has resulted in the establishment of protected areas and national parks. Whilst also educating and raising awareness in local communities about the importance of bird species and their habitats. We also work with private breeders and zoos around the world through Taxon Advisory Groups, the Conservation Breeding and Aviculture Group and the European Conservation Breeding Group. These groups aim to promote good husbandry techniques and establish genetically viable populations in captivity, which can be used for education, behavioural studies and act as a back up for endangered wild populations. 

The Association has a global reach and our membership extends to nine active chapters whose efforts improve the management of captive collections through international studbooks and breeding programmes. Since 1975 WPA has funded and managed a huge number of in situ and ex situ conservation projects around the world. Examples of these projects can be found on our Conservation page.

The Association is a membership organisation governed by an elected Council within a clear Constitution and set of Rules and is a registered charity (no. 1181022).


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