Updated 29/12/2020

Avian influenza H5N8 has been found in poultry and captive birds at a premises in several locations across the UK.  You are strongly advised to step up biosecurity.  Don’t bring in new birds or have visitors to the aviaries.   Where possible aviaries should be covered to protect from wild bird droppings. More information including important biosecurity advice is available on GOV.​UK at:

Details of the WPA Raffle in aid of the Edwards's Pheasant Project

Monograph of the Pheasants by Alain Hennache & Michel Ottaviani further details of this new WPA Publication and book review

WPA 2020/21 Events:

2021Conservation & Breeding Advisory Group Meeting: The CBAG weekend is usually held in February at Sudeley Castle. However the current Covid restrictions and rule of six mean hosting the weekend would not be possible. We have postponed CBAG 2021 until covid restrictions allow the gathering of 40+ people. We will send an update when restrictions change or we have more information. 
April 2021
European Conservation Breeding Group Date and venue to be confirmed
Fri 7 May 2021Blacknecked Pheasant Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot Roundwood Sporting Estate, Winchester, SO21 3AN   
Sat 22 May 2021Dunkeld Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot Dunkeld, PH8 0HX
Fri 2 - 4 July 2021 Scottish Game Fair Scone Palace, Perth

for further details of these events

Karol Sepielak has published a book on pheasants - click here for details

Read about the Viet Nature Reintroduction Project here

a limited stock of the Pheasants of the World posters also available - Details

Link to new Galliformes Specialist Group Website