Edwards's Pheasant Print

Help WPA to Introduce the Edwards’s Pheasant back into the wild in Vietnam - 

£70 plus £15 UK postage - dispatched by return - please order via the office or ring 01434 345526

WPA are selling signed Limited Edition Giclee prints on archival quality paper. Colour print size 11.7” x 16.5”, colour proofed and based on an original painting by artist Jonathan Pointer. The prints have a four inch cream mount bordered with inner silver slip.
Please support this project by buying this superb Limited Edition print. All proceeds will go towards the Edwards’s Pheasant reintroduction programme in Vietnam. The mounted prints are being sold at £90 each, plus £5 postage and packing.
The Edwards's Pheasant was only found in the lowland forests of Central Vietnam. It was always extremely rare but loss of its forest habitat, poaching and defoliation during the Vietnam war has resulted in no sightings of wild birds since the year 2000. For this reason, it now seems likely that the species is extinct in the wild.
Viet Nature is working closely with WPA and EAZA on a long-term Action Plan to return Edwards's Pheasant to the wild. A large area of good lowland rainforest (768 hectares) has been leased for the next 30 years in Khe Nuoc Trong Nature Reserve, a former site for the species. In addition, the first breeding station site has been identified in Le Thuy District of Quang Binh Province and aviary plans have been proposed by WPA and EAZA. WPA has agreed to donate £20,000 to help provide these first aviaries.
Breeding pheasants for reintroduction is very different to just breeding them in an aviary, and WPA has experience with this which it is sharing with Viet Nature. It is agreed by all those with experience that only parent-reared pheasants stand a realistic chance of survival when released. Moreover, after nearly a hundred years in captivity, it is believed that it may take several generations of parent-rearing before birds are available which are suitable for release.